There are many programs and services in the pipeline for members of the AAUIF.  Here are a list of programs in the works:

  • Sonoviewlive.  Coming Soon!  Members can now offer their client's the ability to broadcast sessions over the internet allowing client's guests to view their ultrasound session in the privacy of their home.  All they have to do is connect the equipment and the funds land into their accounts.  We handle everything from the setup, merchant services and even the website logistics.  This is one of the most amazing services that you will generate income from where the logistics of the service are managed for you. 
  • Custom Wholesale Insurance Programs
  • National Corporate Co-branding Relationships.  In process.
  • Wholesale Equipment Sales and Repair Discounts
  • National Marketing Accounts.  Magazines, Cable, Satellite, etc.
  • Political Action Group.  Already in process and always expanding
  • Wholesale Suppliers for Printing, Disk Media, Mailing Lists, Office Supplies, etc.  You name it, the buying power of the association will provide new and more affordable ways to cut your operating experience while offering you new opportunities.


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