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To date, most of the media exposure pertaining to the elective ultrasound industry has been directed toward the industry with no opportunities from the industry as a whole to refute.  Lack of knowledge and representation forces this drive and until the industry as a whole takes a stance of self-governing and credibility the attacks will naturally continue.  It is time that government officials and concerning bodies become aware of this association and its member's stance for excellence and become re-educated on the guidelines and protocols AAUIF members are implementing to ensure a safe and credible industry.  Accreditation is the long awaited answer for answering to all the non-factual accusations, concerned bodies and eagerly awaiting parties looking for our commitment to excellence.  The AAUIF will become the voice for industry owners and accreditation will become your credibility. 


Please remember, AAUIF's primary objective is accreditation.  However, AAUIF Marketing Services wants to offer marketing and awareness campaigns that no facility has been able to experience before.  With the ability to offer inclusive and elective marketing and awareness campaigns promoting "credibility", facilities owners will have the opportunity to participate in the most valued marketing campaigns for which they have ever been exposed. 

Credibility - "Credibility" draws awareness.  Facility operators have never been able to draw awareness like this before!

Example: A pregnant mother browses the internet and notices two facilities offering 3D/4D ultrasound services in her area. One is AAUIF accreditation and one is not. Which facility do you think she will be favoring?

Example: Government and societal agencies decides to pursue those elective facilities that have no reputation or verification of credible facility operations.  Which facility will they pursue?

Example: A pregnant mother browses the internet and notices services for 3D/4D ultrasound facilities in her area. She initially is reluctant to have the service done until she sees that your facility is accredited member of the AAUIF. She visits your website and the AAUIF website and now feels at ease because she has been educated on what the AAUIF accreditation process entails and how it relates to her well being. Finally, we have a marketing campaign that addresses the "unsure" or "wary" mothers market.


Being a member of the AAUIF is an industry declaration that this is an association of elite facility operators that consciously operates under specific guidelines that addresses the concerns of pregnant mothers, government officials and other societies. Once your facility becomes approved as an accredited facility of the AAUIF, promoting your facility with AAUIF marketing materials in all of your marketing campaigns will ultimately result in newfound credibility and revenues for your facility. Additionally, each member will be listed on our web directory. Members will be listed in the order for which they become active members. This will be the foundation and primary source for mothers-to-be searching for 3D/4D ultrasound services in their area over the internet. This medium alone should provide your facility fantastic exposure validating your association credentials and will offer an exclusive private link where your visitors can verify your companies credentials.

Please take the time to go to to see where potential clients will be directed.  (Where you are at now is and this site is specifically designed to inform facility owners about accreditation.)

We will also be using for marketing campaigns.  Keep in mind they all look similiar (by design) so when you are done, make sure you come back to

Members will also receive rights to use our logo in their marketing materials and promotions to out shine the completion in their market.  Moreover, special informative seals of accreditation will be designed specifically for your website linking your clients to AAUIF approved credentials.

We also have Instant Accreditation Verification Logos for our members websites so that clients can get direct confirmation from the AAUIF of their accreditation.  ( Click on the logo for details.)


Marketing and awareness is a key factor in the success of facilities and many facility operators still say they haven't found the "big campaign" that really works for them.  Everyone wants more R.O.I. (return on investment) from their marketing campaigns.  [The truth is that the most inefficient and least economical way to advertise your business is to do it alone.]  So your search continues for new or additional campaigns in hopes to bring in more revenues or you capitalize on the buying power of the AAUIF to provide you with either a more economical means of doing what your are currently doing (direct mail, printing, cable, etc.) or even offer you new and exciting mediums at group discounted buying prices.  The power of "you" (1) or the power of the AAUIF (synergy).

Each facility operator has been exposed to great marketing opportunities that they were not able to participate in due to demographical or economical constraints. The AAUIF will offer its members [on an elective basis] the opportunity to participate in the larger publications and mailing services and because you have the buying power of the AAUIF's member base, the costs will be much less than you can get anywhere and provide a greater R.O.I. (return on investment), again while promoting the nations most reputable elective ultrasound services available.  Moreover, finally having access to campaigns that you could not initially partake in because of your limited resources.  Some exciting marketing services in which members will be able to participate are:

  • "Ultimate Prenatal Lists" customized exclusively for AAUIF members only and because we have the buying power of a nation of facility operators, we will be able to buy better lists that you are currently renting at a discount.  Better list information, more affordable prices and greater R.O.I.

  • Regional spots on national campaigns:  Imagine securing a regional spot while participating in major national magazine publications and getting newfound regional exposure at an extremely minimal cost because you have a nation of AAUIF members participating and buying down the price of the advertising spot.  Not only do you get newfound exposure, you get it at a price so low that you experience amazing R.O.I. for a change on an advertising campaign all under the AAUIF accreditation.  Something an individual facility operator could not participate in on their own.

  • Same thing with Cable/Satellite television advertising.  A one facility operation can barely afford cable advertising and get good R.O.I., let alone a national satellite advertising campaign on some of the popular networks.  But with through collaboration of facilities bonding together and sponsoring a spot on a major national program (like In the Womb - Discovery Channel, Baby Story, Bringing Baby Home, etc.) newfound opportunities and R.O.I. become a possibility with a fractional investment.

These are just a couple of ideas from AAUIF Marketing Services.  AND, as a member of the AAUIF, we will come together and we will produce more ideas and you will only have to participate if you like.  On an individual basis, a single or small chain of facilities do not have the buying power to participate with many of the fruitful marketing and advertising campaigns available.  Not only does this allow members to participate in what current marketing campaigns they are currently involved at better costs and greater R.O.I., it allows them the opportunity to be exposed to many other new and exciting mediums that they were not able to participate in as a single facility operation.  In turn, their facilities advertising campaigns become much more accessible, affordable and profitable.

Are you starting to see the power of the Association? 


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