AAUIF Board was created from years of facility owners collaborating amongst each other about creating a voice for the ultrasound industry. Thus it makes sense that the AAUIF Board is ran as a collaborative of legal, medical, and ultrasound facility professionals that bring their years of experience and knowledge to develop a creditable association. This mixture of resources influences everything from the association's guidelines all the way through to the accreditation process. 

Additionally, the association will also be ran by its members.  The association's objective is to unite this industry and grow the association through collaboration and synergy.  This is a self-governing effort from those facilities who are worried about the negative effects from those facilities not operating at our standards and continuing to ruin our industry’s reputation and possible future.  This is grass roots.  This is you.  This is us.  Individual owners who are operating at the industries highest standards and protocols fighting to preserve what we have worked so hard to build.   

However, the AAUIF was not created for the non-passionate.  The AAUIF is not another organization that you pay money to and they simply "provide you a service".  The AAUIF is all about providing credibility.  The association was created and will remain as a collaboration of facility operators seeking to continually mold and form an industry in desperate need of credibility, new ideas and growth.  AAUIF is only looking for members interested in "participating" because they have a passion to see this industry reach these goals and in return get better results, security and profits in their operations.  This requires the synergy of this industry and the AAUIF will be welcoming your participation and ideas.






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