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Years of collaborating with government officials and facility operators have gone into the creation of the AAUIF and how to best address bringing credibility throughout our industry. Many officials are anxiously awaiting the creation of our association!  Everyone from all parties agree that something has to be done to ensure credibility throughout our industry. Facility operators have been given a window of opportunity to self-govern themselves or to be governed or possibly closed down. The nation is watching and waiting to see which facilities are going to rise to the occasion of ensuring excellence within each and every facility.

Politics has always had an influence on this industry, yet to this point there has never been an entity to represent facility operators. With a few states already trying to pass legislation to ban elective ultrasound services in their state and the continuous flow of negative un-factual rhetoric coming from opposition, efforts are way over due in getting out the voice of credible facilities operating safely and respectively in this industry. To this point, the small voices of individual facility operators alone have not been heard. 

The AAUIF will continue to collaborate with government officials and is the clear and concise voice for the industry. Now that many pioneering facility operators in this industry have become established in their markets and with more invested than ever, many operators are finding it more vital than ever to become apart of an organization that will be their voice to secure their operation and reputation of excellence. This industry has a lot of work ahead and the AAUIF has many campaigns ready to implement with support of its members.

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