Membership Dues/Payment 

Congratulations on becoming a new member of AAUIF and taking your facility to the level of accreditation.  At this point you should have already submitted your "Application Packet" and have received confirmation and authorization to use this payment feature.  Please do not make a payment unless you have been sent confirmation of your acceptance as a member from the AAUIF.  You can request the Application Packet by clicking here and filling out the Potential Member Information Request Form to get started getting your facility accredited.

Membership dues are currently being offered at $599.00 for the 2009 year and payment can be made by using Google Checkout below or sending in a Certified Check.

AAUIF 2009 Membership Dues $599.00$395.00.  PLUS a 1- year free listing on

*Dues cover 12 month membership.  By clicking on checkout, you agree to terms and conditions.




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