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Expectant mothers: Please keep in mind that this site is for ultrasound facility owners looking to become AAUIF accredited. You might like to visit our community website at for expectant mothers.

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Welcome to the Association for Accredited Ultrasound Imaging Facilities. 

An organization bringing together ultrasound facility operators for the well being of industry excellence.

  • Creating a strong political presence. 

  • Ensuring credible facility operations. 

  • Developing member services for all members.

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Marketing & Awareness >

A pregnant mother searches online for all the ultrasound facilities in her area. One is accredited, one isn't. Where do you think she is going to have her services performed?

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Mission >
This industry needs to establish credibility with government officials and pregnant mothers in order to secure its future.

Goals >

Our membership services will take your independent facility to levels never reached before!


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